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Tanzimul Ummah International Tahfiz School, Preparatory ‍Section

[Integrated Hifzul Quran with English Medium]

Our aims
Providing patriot and Dutiful citizen
Developing hidden talents of students
Ensure Hifzul Quran in International Standard
Creating leadership to accept the challenges of modern world
Getting accustomed with correct pronunciation of Quran from childhood


School Features
Indoor Playground
CCTV surveillance
ICT lab, Massive Library, Book Shop
Multimedia Supported Activity Center
Full Time Elevator and Generator Service
Spacious Light, Sound and fully air Conditioned Classroom
Experienced and Highly Qualified Teachers and Supporting Staff

Special Activities
Arabic Spoken Class
Weekly Presentation Day
Day outing and cultural Programs
Attending National and International Competitions
Participating Educational and Cultural Television Programs
 Residential Facilities
Family Environment
Schematic daily activity
Balanced and nutritive Food Menu
Inspiring to follow Quran and Sunnah
Playgroup to Standard Five (Cambridge Curriculum)
Pre Hifz Section
Kayedah, Ampara and Nazerah
Hifz Section
Hifz, Tasmi and Musabaqah
Non Residential       
Full time Schooling



PG to KG (Play Group to KG)  
House 01, Road 14, Sector 12, Uttara, Dhaka-1230 
01401-101402, 01629-113474
Email : [email protected]  
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